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This website is dedicated to my personal Mountain Walking and Mountaineering experiences over very many years. I've been enjoying the great outdoors since at the tender age of nine, my Uncle and Cousin took me on a Youth Hostelling weekend to the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire where we stayed at St Briavels Castle, which is still a Youth Hostel. I've been walking and climbing in all areas of the UK from as far north as the Cuillin Ridge on the Isle of Skye through the Lake District, Yorkshire, the Peak District, North, Mid and South Wales right down to Devon and Cornwall.

In Europe I have organised and participated in successful expeditions to Switzerland, the Italian Dolomites and the French Alps. Further afield, I have been to South America to climb Aconcagua, Africa to climb Meru Peak and Kilimanjaro by the difficult Western Breach route, to Nepal, which was a lifetime ambition, to climb Gokyo Ri, Kala Patthar and Chukhung Ri, then in 2019 I went to Russia for an attempt on Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe. I have written about many of these trips and expeditions and these reports are in the 'Previous Expeditions' pages.

During those expeditions I had the opportunity to test out all types of equipment and the Equipment Review page lists most of this gear along with my honest opinion. Hopefully that will be of use to anyone considering purchasing equipment.

As a labour of love, I have listed all of the mountains over 2,000 feet in England and Wales along with the date of ascent. It is a work in progress and I hope one day to climb them all. Anyone who reads this and would like an electronic copy of the full list of Mountains, get in touch and I'd be happy to provide it free of charge, but be warned, it gets very addictive! In the meantime, have a look around the site, read the reviews and reports and let me know what you think.

UK Mountains Blog 2023

Lake District Trip 09/01/2023
Due to some great YHA bargains, I have booked a few days at Borrowdale YH which is ideally placed for some great walks in the Lake District. No plans in place but I am hoping to come back with double figures of mountains climbed.

Hadrians Wall 23/12/2022
It has been on my bucket list for a very long time, I had intended to walk it during 2022 but too many other holidays and trips got in the way, so it was postponed until 2023. I have now booked all the hotels and got a preliminary plan sorted out so I will finally get to do it.

Cleeve Hill walk 03/12/2022
It's getting to the stage now where big walks are not realistic due to the short days. My local big hill is Cleeve Hill, although the summit is only 330m high or just over 1,000 feet in old money, it makes a nice walk. Starting from the Golf Club I made my way Eastwards to take advantage of some of the steeper paths around the old quarries. My destination was Belas Knapp, a Long Barrow about a mile and a half off Cleeve Common in the direction of Winchcombe and on both the Cotswold Way and Winchcombe Way footpaths. This was my turn around point and I came back following the Cotswold Way which skirts the lower side of the common before climbing back up. Crossing to the West and despite the low cloud, I had the excellent views across the Severn Valley, not quite to the Malverns as they were in cloud. Back to the car with just under ten miles covered.

Rohan update 14/11/2022
I was contacted by the Customer Services who offered to reproof my Dry Frontier Trousers, I declined, they then offered another identical pair, I declined. Finally they offered me a Gift Card refund. I discussed it. They claimed they could not offer me a full cash refund as I had worn them! How else can I determine their usefulness? I decided to take the Gift Card and maybe try another pair of overtrousers, this time from a shop so that I can take them back and demand a cash refund if (when) they don't function properly. I notice they no longer advertise Dry Frontier Trousers!

Rohans go back again 12/11/2022
Once again I am returning waterproofs! This time it is the Rohan Dry Frontier trousers. I returned them some time ago and Rohan reproofed them for me. On the recent Lake District trip they let me down quite badly so now they are going back for good. Nothing short of a refund will satisfy me and once again I am on the look out for new waterproofs.

Coniston once more 07/11/2022
Picked up the final peak in the Coniston loop. There is another (Harter Fell) but that is quite a way out so a separate walk. Today I did White Maiden (610m) in really bad conditions. Full reports on all three days will be in the Previous Expeds pages.

Paramo lets me down 07/11/2022
After 2 1/2 days of more or less constant rain, my Paramo jacket let me down badly, getting soaked through on each of the days. It used to be a great garment and I have washed it in accordance with the recommendations without success, I guess they just do not last.

Coniston assault 06/11/2022
The plan was to do all of the peaks in the Coniston area, but due to fatigue and a mild sense of humour failure with the dreadful weather all day, one got missed, but I will get that tomorrow. Today was Wetherlam (762m), Black Sails (745m), Swirl How (802m), Great Carrs (785m), Grey Friar (770m), Brim Fell (796m), The Old Man (803m), Dow Crag (778m), Walna Scar (621m)

Helvellyn area 05/11/2022
Todays walk was from Rydal to Kirkstone. The weather was pretty dreadful all morning but improved in the afternoon. Seven plus two repeats (with Fairfield being done twice) because they were in the way and an after dark finish. Heron Pike (612m), Erne Crag (621m), Great Rigg (766m), Seat Sandal(736m), Fairfield(873m), Hart Crag(822m), Dove Crag(792m), Little Hart Crag(637m), Red Screes(776m)

Lakes again 24/10/2022
A cheeky trip to the Lake District in a couple of weeks time will see 2 1/2 days of walking bagging all of the Coniston Group (11 peaks) and 7 peaks in the Helvellyn range bringing my years total to 94! Lets not count our chickens before they hatch though!

Final Arans Peak done! 22/10/2022
Foel Hafod-fynydd was the final peak in the Arans and the whole of mid-Wales so I was keen to climb it. My route was to park above Lake Vyrnwy on the ridge, then walk out via Llechwedd Du which was tough going with heavy rain for the first hour, no real path and lots of boggy ground. The peak is quite isolated, requiring a huge drop down to a valley and then another huge climb to the summit which was so steep I could touch the ground in front of me! Return was the reverse so equally tough. A total of 10km in just under 3 hours.

Bleak day on Bleaklow 19/10/2022
Two peaks I ticked off many years ago, Bleaklow Head (633m) and Higher Shelf Stones(621m) warranted a repeat visit as I had no memory of doing them. A business trip by my partner to the area was too good a chance to miss as it would mean free transport, free hotel and free food!

It was a nice day out, although very windy, we did 11 miles from Manor Park in Glossop, over the peaks and back via Doctors Gate. I wasn’t sure whether to count them in this years total or not and standing on the summits, I couldn’t remember them, but given that the Pennine Way passes over the summit of Bleaklow Head, I must have done that at least, so decided to compromise and include Higher Shelf Stones only.

Watersmeet to Lynmouth 06/10/2022
This was a combination of walking along the river from Watersmeet and a section of the Coast Path into Lynmouth. Watersmeet is the confluence of the East Lyn River and Hoar Oak Water. Easy walking through Brandon on a good path and eventually up to the A39 then down to join the Coast Path, through woodland on a good, but thin track to finally emerge onto a hillside about 2-3 miles from Lynmouth which by now is just in sight. One final climb and it is mostly steadily downhill to the town, emerging on the far end of the beach. My meeting point was at the other end and with two minutes to spare on the 4pm meeting time, we reached the end. 20km walked.

Dartmoor in a day 03/10/2022
On a suberb day I conquered both two thousand foot peaks on Dartmoor. They are quite close together so I did a very roundabout route, firstly climbing from Meldon Reservoir to the higher High Willhays (621m), then headed out via Dinger Tor (550m), Okemont Hill (564m) to Hangingstone Hill (603m) for lunch, then returned passing close to Wild Tor, Steeperton Tor and East Mill Tor to ascent Yes Tor (619m) from the South and back down to the car park. 25km and 908m of ascent in five and a half hours.

Dartmoor 03/10/2022

South West Coast Path 02/10/2022
The entire path runs for over 600 miles, starting in Minehead, North Devon. As a pre-cursor and warm up for my Dartmoor walk I thought I'd do a section to see what it is like. Tough is an understatement! I walked 22km but managed over 1,100m of climbing with a high point of just 316m. The ascent is not easy either, with descents into valleys and ascents to headlands being relatively short and very steep. I was blessed with excellent weather, being able to easily see South Wales across the water and even Lundy Island. My walk was from Lynmouth to Combe Martin. Dartmoor is tomorrow but I may be back later in the week for another section.

Dartmoor beckons 22/09/2022
In just a couple of weeks time, I'll be on Dartmoor, completing the two Tors that reach the magic 2,000 feet. That will complete that section and bring me a bit closer to completing the English mountains, although there is a very long way to go!

Glyders completed 01/09/2022
On my way home from a motorbiking trip, I couldn't resist taking advantage of some very fine weather in the Ogwen Valley and bagging the two remaining peaks in the Glyders region, Y Foel-goch(805m) and Gallt yr Ogof(763m). Only 11 remaining in the whole of Wales!

Whats next? 13/08/2022
I'd aimed and planned for 50 peaks for 2022 and have succeeded in climbing 71 so far which I'm pleased with. I could relax and let the rest of the year go by, but with a holiday on Exmoor later in the year which is very close to Dartmoor where there are two 2,000' peaks and the opportunity of a cheeky day out in mid-Wales to complete the Arans and thereby the entire mid-Wales region it is unlikely that I'll be taking it easy any time soon!

Yorkshire Day 2 04/08/2022
Whernside(736m), the highest in the Ingleborough group, plus three peaks on the opposite side of the valley (Gragareth(627m), Green Hill(628m) and Great Coum(687m)) made four peaks for the day plus we explored Yordas cave which was fun.

Six peaks over the last two days increases the 2022 total to 71.

Yorkshire Day 1 03/08/2022
Todays walk was an ascent of Ingleborough which at 724m is one of the highest in the area. Great start to the day, but on the summit, the weather deteriorated so we had no view. Once off the summit of course, everything improved! Great day out and two peaks for the bag, the second being Simons Fell at 650m!

Ingleborough 03/08/2022

Pennine Way 1977


From single day to several weeks, I have walked many of Britains long distance footpaths. Below are some of the more well-known routes.

Hadrians Wall
(Easter 2023)
89 milesBowness to Newcastle
Wysis Way
(April 2022)
55 milesFrom the Wye to the source of the Thames.
St Kenelms Way
(April 2022)
52 milesClent Hills to Winchcombe.
The Ridgeway
(September 2019)
87 milesAvebury to Ivinghoe Beacon.
Three Choirs Way
(March 2019)
100 milesGloucester to Hereford to Worcester to Gloucester.
Gloucestershire Way
(December 2018)
100 milesFrom Chepstow to Tewkesbury.
Severn Way
(August 2018)
210 milesFollowing the River Severn.
Winchcombe Way
(May 2013)
42 milesAround the Cotswolds.
Limestone Way
(December 2012)
60 milesRocester to Castleton in Derbyshire.
Welsh 3000s
(July 2000)
28 milesAll 3,000' mountains.
Worcestershire Way
(July 1992, August 1992 and August 2004)
38 milesWyre Forest to Malverns.
Cotswold Way
(August 1991)
96 milesBath to Chipping Campden.
Coast to Coast
(August 1990)
192 milesRobin Hoods Bay, Yorkshire to St Bees in Cumbria.
6 Shropshire Peaks
(July 1990 and April 1992)
40 milesEast to West Shropshire.
Lyke Wake Walk
(July 1983)
40 milesYorkshire Moors.
Offas Dyke
(July 1980)
180 milesLength of the Welsh Border.
Pennine Way
(August 1977)
270 milesEdale to Kirk Yetholm (Scotland).
Climbing the Hexenstein, Dolomites

Rock Climbing

I am an SPA Instructor and have climbed in many areas of the UK & abroad, particularly at Symonds Yat, North Wales, the Peak District, Mid-Wales, Cornwall & Scotland. I have many hundreds of logged climbs in my log book and during my time, have climbed many more than I have recorded.

Cuillins Ridge, Skye


There are many beautiful mountain ranges in the world, many within easy reach of the UK. I am fortunate to have been to a large number of them. Below are the best.

Mountain (Range)Description
(August 2019)
The Highest Mountain in Europe 5,642m.
(October 2018)
Trekking in the Himalaya to a maximum of 5,643m.
(September 2017)
The highest mountain on the continent of Africa at 5,895m.
Teide, Tenerife
(April 2015)
Highest Mountain in Spain (Tenerife) at 3,718m.
Alesch Glacier
(August 2001)
Including the Hexenstein in the Jungfrau region of Switzerland.
(January 2001)
Highest Mountain in South America at 6,960m.
(August 2000)
Northern Italys' most famous range.
(August 1997)
Most famous Mountain in Switzerland at 4,405m.
Mont Blanc
(September 1995)
Highest Mountain in Western Europe at 4,807m.

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