Cerro Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the world outside of the Himalayas and standing at 22,834 feet, is one of the seven classic continental summits.   In February 2001 a team of climbers and scientists will ascend the North Face of Aconcagua by the famous Polish Glacier route.   In doing so, the team will be conducting novel Medical Research to reduce deaths in the mountains caused by altitude sickness and will also raise money for SSAFA Forces Help.
The 12 climbers and 5 support staff team, which includes a mountain doctor, are from a spread of DERA sites across the country as well as the military and communcations world.  Climbers range from 23 to 48 years of age and have extensive climbing experience from the Alps to the Himalaya.  Personal altitude and summit experiences range from Mt Blanc at 15,840 feet in the Alps to 18,400 feet in the Mt Everest region.  More information on the British DERA Aconcagua Expedition 2001 team.
The expedition is seeking to promote several companies, both before and after the climb,  through sponsorship.

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