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Crickley to Salperton
Gloucestershire Way

In fact, this section was done from Coberley to Salperton as the previous section from Crickley to Gloucester started at Coberley. Keeping up? It will all make sense in the end. So, starting just outside Coberley on the main A435 I had to contend with some fast moving traffic for a short while until I turned into a field on the opposite side of the road. At this time of year (mid-summer) the corn was high but there was a distinct path that ran across the field which made progress much easier. I soon reached the other side and followed through into a woodland where, due to the echoes, the sound of the sheep in the distance sounded distinctly spooky! I was pleased to leave and soon came to Upper Cobberley, a pleasant village. Through the village and out cross-country I arrived at Needlehole, an impressive house in the middle of nowhere. An extremely long driveway eventually lead me down to a narrow lane which I followed for a short while until once again heading out into the countryside. Foxcote came next, a very impressive house and gardens with a small lake and associated stream. More fields and pleasant walking until I came within sight of the main A40. Luckily there was a bridleway I could follow so kepy away from the main road until the last one hundred metres or so.

Crossing the main road I walked into Shipley, another pleasant village with associated Manor House - there is clearly some money around here! Through the village it became slightly confusing as to the route, but it is as straight on as possible following the main road around to the left and up a small rise before turning right at the North Farm entrance. Here another long driveway follows down to a small house in the woods before rising up again and crossing a small lane to arrive at Hampen Manor which was just awesome. Slightly confusing again, the path exits left of the house, but the lack of signage makes it difficult to find. I guess it will improve as the owners tire of telling people they are going the wrong way. It's a long drag from here down to Salperton, crossing the Salt Way, which I had assumed was a track, but turns out to be a road, albeit a quiet one.

Gloucestershire Way

At the War memorial I decided to take a well earned rest, I had been going a couple of hours without a stop and it was a warm day. As I rested I couldn't help noticing the poor state of the War Memorial - shame really, it should be kept in a better condition. My days walk was far from over and you'll need to read the next page to see how I got on, but in keeping with the guide, this, for some reason, is the end of this section of the walk.

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