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Tewkesbury to Malvern Hills
Tewkesbury Cathedral

The extension from Tewkesbury to Malvern ties several long distance footpaths together quite nicely and something I havre been intending to do since finishing the Gloucestershire Way during 2018. It links that path with the Worcesteshire Way which terminates at the Malvern Hills and also the Three Choirs Way which includes a section of the hills as part of the route from Hereford to Worcester. It also follows the Severn Way for a mile or two from Tewkesbury North.

Leaving Tewkesbury past the Severn Trent building and crossing the Mythe Bridge it follows the Severn Way for just over a mile before leaving to visit Bushley Green. It is a little vague here and slightly earlier as a result of farming, but essentially the path skirts a big field, taking advantage of a footpath through the woods which eventually peters out to nothing. Returning to the edge of the field is a little tricky due to the undergrowth but it can be done. Follow the track into Bushley Green heading roughly towards the Cricket Pavillion where the mentioned bridleway commences and is followed down to the road leading to Bredon School. Turn towards that and follow a reasonable path eventually popping out at Gullers End. The M50 motorway can be used as an indicator of direction if there is any confusion. It can't be seen until quite close but is audible from some distance away.

Under the motorway and follow the obvious path. The gate mentioned in the guidebook has long gone, but there is evidence remaining! More or less straight on here across a couple of fields with a doube gate at one hedge crossing. From there bear slightly left to a bridge and follow that line towards Longdon Church which has been in sight for some time. Exit onto the road, turning right past the old Plough Inn , which has been converted to a private dwelling some number of years ago. More obvious route following and once past Coneyburrow Hill the route does indeed go straight across the fields to an obvious gap. During winter months or when the ground is particularly waterlogged, skirting the field may be easier, otherwise walking boots take on so much mud they gain weight on a par with divers boots!

Another big field to cross, but again, turning left here and skirting around the small copse is much easier going, but care is needed to cross the small ditch - better to walk to the end and double back, then picking up the main route at the small bridge. Again the willow tree mentioned in the guide has long since disappeared. The route takes a diagonal across the field and up to the farm at the top of the hill. There are nice views of Longdon Church in the distance behind, already looking very small.

Through the farmyard and straight across to the gate opposite. There is no signpost here but the path goes directly across the field and down to more obvious gates and stiles before emerging at a small road. The White Cottage mentioned is now a brown brick building but the route is obvious and passes on its right. Easy walking up to Welland Court and beyond with good signage eventually Welland Common is reached. Follow the direct line across the common and the road - take care, it is a fast road, or at least most drivers seem to think it is an opportunity for some accelerator flooring. Some are in for a nasty surprise when Cows amble across the road heedless of traffic. Continue across the common and a small road bridge then a second near to Strawbyn Kennels the path follows the road until a gate when it forks left and heads in the direction of the hills. Linking up with the Three Choirs Way simply requires an ascent of any of the hills as it follows the ridge line from Hollybush to British Camp. I elected to climb Hangmans Hill, then drop down past the Pink Cottage and a direct line to the Robin Hood pub for a well-earned Guinness or two.

Malvern Hills

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