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Himbleton to Great Comberton: Total Mileage: 14 miles

Leaving Himbleton, it was an easy couple of fields to Huddington where a detour to Huddington Court was recommended in the guide book, so we did. The house is amazing, dating back to the 16th Century and associated with the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. There is a church, but access was far from obvious so we didn't spend time trying to get in. As with most churches these days, it was probably locked anyway!

St Kenelms Way - Stage 2 start

From there, more fields to pass through including some that were recently planted with crops so we decided to walk around even though the path was shown to go straight across. Entering Bow Woods was a pleasant change from fields and an enjoyable half mile or so was spent walking through to eventually emerge into another series of fields leading down to the farm and eventually the main Worcester to Alcester Road which is crossed and soon left behind.

Into Upton Snodsbury, we took a look at the church and paused for a drink and jelly babies before making our way out of the village and down a lane. Slightly disappointed with the length of tarmac we had to walk, but made slightly more pleasant with the views to the Malverns on our right and Bredon Hill ahead, we were pleased to leave the road and into fields again. It is more or less a straight line from here to Pinvin, although the path swapped sides of a hedge several times. Crossing the Old Green Way, our route took us straight ahead and straight into a field of Rape. No obvious path led through and the field was far too big to walk around. I did spy what looked like a path but it soon vanished so we were left to find our own way across in the direction of a large hedge.

Shortly after that, the path went left and through what looked like a Gypsy encampment. We decided to carry on to find another way through. There was none! Finally we found a place to climb the fence and pick up the path. From there it was an easy walk into Pinvin, although we did turn left slightly earlier than we should have done, emerging to the left of the pub instead of the right.

Out past the church and through a farmyard we followed the path that ran parallel with the by-pass and then at the obvious point, turned right to cross the by-pass. It was here that we declared a lunch stop. By good judgement I had bought two sit-mats so we sat down to eat lunch wondering whether we would be able to stand afterwards! We were entertained by hang gliders for a while, one in the near distance and three others way up and in the distance, probably 2-3000 feet up. In the far distance we could just make out Broadway Tower.

Lunch over, we packed away, stood up, which took some effort, and headed off, crossing the railway line and then walking into Wyre Piddle, initially taking the wrong road but soon realising the mistake. Through the village and out to the Avon Mill proved a pleasant lane with a small church and various buildings including a caravan park and rubgy pitches. Through there and out onto a field, the route was obvious as we could see Pershore Abbey ahead and we had the Avon to our left. Soon in the town we made our way through and out across the old bridge, taking a right and then right again to Pensham. Bredon Hill loomed large ahead of us so we knew we were close to the finish.

St Kenelms Way - Bow Wood

One final minor sting as we had to cross another ploughed field to a small bridge, then through a small woodland and back down to meet the Avon again. Half a mile later we turned left to leave the river and within a few minutes arrived in Great Comberton and the short walk to the meeting point of the Telephone Box (now a small book library). The day was done and our ride home soon arrived.

We covered 14 miles in total this time, with even less ascent than Stage 1 (just 68m maximum height). After the previous stage being somewhat longer than expected, we were pleasantly surprised to end even earlier than expected. Another glorious day with the sun shining all day. We're hoping the good weather will continue for the final two stages.

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