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Micheldean to Gloucester: 14.5 miles
Wysis Way

I got away just after 9am and straight into the climb onto May Hill. Somewhat reminiscent of yesterdays ascent of the Kymin, my legs complained about the early ascent but I was soon on the summit enjoying the view over to the River Severn. Memories of the Three Choirs Way flooded back as I recalled camping on the Hill during that walk. Also the Gloucestershire Way uses this hill and part of the path.

On May Hill

The Three Choirs is followed for a short while off the hill. Soon enough we part company and I made my way down to Glasshouse which is a very pleasant hamlet with its own pub and some very well kept houses. Through and into woodland I follow the guide but notice some differences with bridges missing or changed and stiles non-existent. Taynton comes and goes and via various paths I head towards Tibberton. The paths are far from obvious here and indeed cross cultivated fields. I always feel bad about doing that, but sometimes, and this was one of those times, the fields are so vast that it is impractical to walk around the edges. Why the farmers don't spray a path through is beyond me as successive walkers will approximate a path and do more damage that a single track. Onto the final track into Tibberton I realise that I had walked this section on the Three Choirs Way but in the opposite direction an had trouble with the lack of a path then.

Through the village and across some fields I arrived at the main Gloucester to Newent Road which seemed incredibly busy. Crossing I discovered that the path had been diverted, fortunately not too far and I rejoined at Redford Church. That has happened since I walked the Three Choirs but that was a few years ago.

Back on the track it followed the dismantled railway before heading off and slightly upwards, emerging at a field. Once again, the path was non-existent but follows a line of an old field edge which is no longer there so there is no choice but to walk straight across the field to pick up another non-existent field edge over to Lassington.

Wysis Way

There is an old disused church spire - the remainder having been demolished many years ago, it is a minor detour and well worth it. Being about lunchtime, I decided it was actually lunchtime so sat down with my back to the spire and enjoyed a quiet lunch.

Soon enough it was time to leave and the final section to Over was completed quickly. The main road was incredibly busy and I was grateful for the underpass. The route into Gloucester passes over the old Telford Bridge, then follows the River Severn around to eventually arrive at the Docks. It seems a long way and at one point I took a break and I'd got quite tired. My remaining Jelly Babies consumed and some more water made me feel better and I was soon entering the Docks.

Gloucester Docks

I had decided that since the guide takes the walker through Gloucester to arrive at Robinswood Hill, I would consider it acceptable to make my own route via my hotel to achieve the same goal, this way I had no need to return to the docks and walk more streets than necessary to cross the City.

I got to the hotel mid afternoon and was shown to my room which was actually a triple room, so quite large.

Showered and changed I walked down to the local Tesco Express in search of a microwave meal as I did not need a full sit down meal. I also took the opportunity of buying lunch for tomorrow.

Dinner was a microwave curry which I had in the rear garden as it was still quite warm.

Hotel: The Edward Hotel, Gloucester.

Actually a much better hotel than it looks from the outside. The receptionist was very helpful and friendly which made for a very pleasant stay.

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