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Peak District Training Weekend

This weekend was designed to give me more walking distance with less climbing to get used to miles 'in the saddle'. Having said that, my plan was to climb Kinder Scout from the Snake Pass road similar to the walk we did with Jagged Globe a few weeks previously.

The weather forecast was for fine weather which proved spectacularly incorrect! Leaving the car park I already had my waterproof jacket on. The rain was being blown across the mountain but I could still see the summit so at least there was no cloud.

Making my way down to the bridge and upwards to the start of the ascent I noticed my feet already felt wet - these boots are well overdue for replacement!

The ascent was steady with numerous crossings of the stream required, somewhat more difficult today than previously as the stream had grown into a small river due to the amount of water. Eventually I reached the top to be met by strong winds and more rain - oh joy! Sheltering behind some rocks I took a drink and some food before heading off. The plan was to follow the path for a short while, then take a bearing across the top to reach Kinder Downfall.

Lathkill Dale, Derbyshire

As I moved into open land, I couldn't help noticing the lack of peat - the top is now a grassy upland rather than previously a black lunar landscape. Some considerable restoration has obviously taken place here and very impressive it is too. After about 20-30 minutes of struggling against the prevailing wind and rain, I decided I wasn't enjoying it at all, so changed direction and headed back to the path to locate a descent route.

A large outcrop of rocks showed the way and I was soon on my way down, picking up the main path down to the river (Ashford) where I could return at low level to the car. Of course, on my return, the rain stopped and the sun came out!

Day 2 was a much easier walk along Lathkill Dale from Monyash which bought back memories of caving as a youngster many many years ago. The walk is pleasant, being mostly slightly downhill from Monyash, but also very popular as it is easy walking and easy access so I wasn't surprised to see lots of people. I had planned to walk the length to the Youlgrave turning and then return. The turning provided an excellent lunch spot on a much better day than yesterday. Returning seemed to be much quicker and I soon found myself exiting the Dale and walking up to Monyash for a well earned ice cream and coffee at the local cafe, which seemed to be a favourite destination for Motorbikers.


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